Project 1 (Leadership,Rosa Parks)


Dear Jude and 5/6,

I truly believe that Rosa Parks is a truly sensational leader and here’s why:

My first reason is just imagine yourself, you have just had a big day at work and all you wanted to do is to get on a bus and go home.Suddenly some white person comes and says ”Get of that seat its mine”! Back then you had to remember to give up your seat would you? I would definitely not! So Rosa said no and then went to court.The judge found her guilty so she went to the Supreme Court and the judge agreed and so she got what she wanted.Thats what a real leader does is keeps on going and never gives up.

My second main very important argument is that she had SO much persistence and determination thought she had right to let herself and others have a fair,equal and enjoyable life.I know a true leader would keep on fighting to get what they and others like.Dont you think a real leader has persistence to get what they think is right?

Lastly,I truly believe that Rosa Parks was a great leader because of her help in society and so all the citizens in the town or country get along and everyone is happy.She also helped the way we live now because without her we would of had all the awful rules.Imagine that?It wouldn’t be the same.Also she helped Martin Luther King which also became president.They both helped each other in getting people think about how they treated and respect others.

In conclusion I believe that Rosa Parks’ leadership, Persistence, determination and help on society makes her a very true leader.

Thank you




3 thoughts on “Project 1 (Leadership,Rosa Parks)

  1. I can understand Amelia admiring Rosa Parks because she has an innate sense of fairness in her own relationships with other people. She expresses herself well.

  2. I enjoyed your blog re: Rosa Parks. Amelia, you did a fine job. Your writing was clear, appears advanced for a young person your age. keep up the good work.
    Your subject, Rosa Parks, was indeed a heroic person and definitely a leader, even though she did not choose to be. But, she saw an evil that needed correcting and showed bravery in tackling the problem.

  3. Hello Amelia, This is very well written. I totally agree with your summary of Rosa Parks and her tribute to history. It also shows how the American legal system worked and how one little incident on a bus changed so many people’s lives.

    Good for you! You did a great job.

    Love, Aunt Beth

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