An Ideal Classroom

A Productive Classroom

A productive classroom is tidy, organised, welcoming and friendly. Equipment should be packed up at the end of the lesson so people won’t get hurt and so the classroom stays tidy.

Appropriate language should be used for the correct session. A productive classroom should be fun, positive, respectful and safe and always contributing. People in the classroom should be optimistic, safe and comfortable.

They should be happy about their work and also be cheerful to others. Instead of rude or bad language it should be optimistic language.

And that’s what a productive classroom is.



A Productive Student

We strongly believe that a productive student should be safe, positive and engaged because it will help them learn and get a good education.

To be safe means to look for others when working and to be careful when moving around the classroom.

To be positive means to be responsible, optimistic and happy about learning.

To be engaged means to collaborate, communicate and to join in the group’s discussion.

And that is what we think a productive student should be like!



A Productive Teacher

A teacher should look organised by looking calm, look neat and ready to go. At teacher must have a loud and clear voice also he/she need to be engaged.

His/her body language must show a straight and upright position and his/her facial expressions must show that he/she is friendly and happy to help.

Finally, every teacher must have a happy attitude and be excited to teach.

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