Term 2 Project Reflection – Nervous System

Three facts I found interesting and surprising:

1. That the right side of the brain is better at music and the arts whilst the left side of your brain is better at writing, reading and speaking.

2. Back in the day people used to drill a hole in someone’s head if they had a head ache. Scientists did not know that that might have not been a good idea.

3. A nerve cell can travel through the central nervous system 2.5 times faster then the maximum speed of a Ferrari.

Two understandings I now have:

1. In your cue cards only give prompts because you should have all the knowledge in your head already.

2. Have all your information organized. It helps to have all your information in   categories. It makes every thing neater and easier to understand.


One wondering I still have is:

What did scientists used to think the nervous system was like? Did they used to have a different understanding?

What were the most important things I learnt?

Taking notes. I learnt that during a presentation you cant get everything so only get the key words or the key information. As they might be going fast don’t copy down whole sentences just key words that will help you at the end create a full paragraph. We also had some time at the end to ask questions to the group. I did not get some things and some things I don’t think I copied down right so in that time I asked questions to clarify what I wrote down.

How did I learn it?

Well Lee taught us in term 1 but we did it during presentations which made it harder and I learnt more from it. I learnt that during the presentations that you have to be fast  and only write key words that are quick to  write down because other wise you might not catch the information there telling you because your to busy writing.

What am I going to do with what I have learnt?

Well you do key note taking all the time. In high school and in university you do it all the time. You don’t just do it in high school and university you do it all the time.


2 thoughts on “Term 2 Project Reflection – Nervous System

  1. Hi Amelia,

    I really liked how you didn’t get your facts mixed up with your understandings and I also liked how you wrote a lot about your wondering and your didn’t just leave it at that. Keep up the good work!

    Declan 😀

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