What Do We Know About Australia Before The British Came!

What do we know about Australia before the British came?

Before the British came Australia was not an empty land. Indigenous people lived all over the country. The Aboriginals used to live in tribes or groups. Nature was there main resource. Aboriginal means ‘the first’ or ‘the earliest’.  When the British came they were not the first people to discover or come to Australia. People from Dutch, French, Macassan, Arab and Portuguese had come over centuries. Food and other goods were traded but while the British were there it was not always peaceful. Occasionally they had some fights.

Before Captain Cook came in 1770 people had come to Australia for 100’s of years. People think that the Chinese also came before the British. Also they think that the Portuguese knew where Australia was because over time people found some maps from the 16 century that looks a bit like Australia and has around the same land mass as Australia that the Portuguese drew [Well probably the Portuguese sailors did].

In 1504 a French navigator Binot Paulmier de Gonneville sailed. For a while people thought that he had discovered Australia when he had actually landed in Brazil.







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