Term 3 Project Reflection – Women’s Suffragette Movement

Project Summary

Every term we have a topic for our intergraded studies. This term our topic was ‘Exploration’. As our project we could work with anyone we wanted and we had to do it about a field in exploration. My group [Grace, Eve and I] did it about The Women’s Suffrage Movement which is about the exploration of Human Rights. It was also our choice about how we wanted to present it. We did a play with scripts, props and a power point background.

Three things I found interesting and surprising…….

  1. In 1891 a women named Vida Goldstein collected around 30 000 signatures on a petition [a petition is a long list of signatures regarding something that they want changed.] In their case they wanted women to have the right to vote and the right to be elected into Parliament.


  1. Not just Australian women went and fought for their rights, many other women from different countries also fought for their rights. Fights were not easy as some ended in death. Say the U.K, they did not eat food, they set fire to buildings, Emily Davison through herself under a horse.


  1. Some of the things that women did to get the right to vote was to do debates, send out pamphlets, smash windows, knock mailboxes, chain themselves to fences, read speeches to people, make petitions and more.

Two Understandings I now have…..


  1. Some of the leaders of the Women’s Suffragette Movement were Edith Cowan who was from Western Australia, Vida Goldstein was from Victoria and Mary Lee was from South Australia. Off course there were more leaders but they were some of the big ones. Women like them and themselves helped change Australian Women’s life forever.
  2. If the women’s suffragette movement did not happen our lives now would be very different. Parliament would not be the same and as Julia Gillard was our previous Prime Minister she would have never had been because she would not be allowed to. Women would not have the right to say what they think and say their opinions. Women and men in Australia would not have an equal life.


One Wondering I still have……

  1. One wondering I still have is in how many other countries do women not have the right to vote and how many have not tried to fight for their rights and have not had a time like the Women’s Suffragette Movement.


What were the most important things I learnt?

The most important thing I learnt was that if you push yourself and your group and spend more time and effort it will make the project better and before you present you will feel confident because you have practised and rehearsed.


How did I learn that?

Well when we came up to present I was not as nervous as I am usually because I knew we had practised lots of times and we were really good and we knew our script of by heart. At the end our teacher[Lee] said that he was very impressed.


What am I going to do with what I have learnt?

Well in the future when I do projects I am going to practise a lot so when it is time for me to present that project I will be confident with it.


Overall I had a great time working with my group putting it together. We spent a lot of our own time and when we did have time in class to do it we just put our heads down and got straight into it. We were very organized and were finished on time and  where the first ones to present. We wanted to go after recess so we would set up and have everything ready but we had to go first so we worked together and got it together. Maybe next time we should not get stressed when we are going first and go all frantic and crazy. I was happy and proud about how everything went.

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