2D and 3D Shapes Reflection

2D and 3D Shapes

Properties and Connections

Last term we learnt all about 2D[2 Dimensional and 3D [3 Dimensional] shapes. 2D is width and height and 3D is width, height and depth. We focused on their properties and their connections.

3D and 2D shapes have connections such as 2D shapes make up 3D shapes. In class we did an activity where we had to make a 3D shape out of 2D shapes without a net to help us.  2D shapes make the faces of the 3D shape. For example say you were making a cube. You would need 6 squares as the faces.

As well as 2D faces 3D shapes are also made up of other things such as vertex’s[more than 1 vertex is called vertices]. A vertex is where 2 or more edges meet. An edge is where to faces meet. An edge connects them.

A 2D shape has faces and sides. The sides are like the border in a way. We also learnt about congruent shapes. Congruent means that they are the same shape and same side.

We also did some work on tessellation. Tessellation is where 2D shapes fit together to make a pattern. To tessellate shapes they have to fit together with no gaps. If they sort of fit but with gaps, then they are not a tessellation.

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