International Day of the Girl

Today is International Girl Day Girl. Every year there is a theme and this years it is ‘education. International Girl Day is a day where we recognize girls rights. All around the world girls are working and not going to school. Some girls are even getting forced to be married!

They would like to help girls that don’t go to school go to school. If they don’t get to go to school they won’t be able to reach their full potential. Some families only have enough money to send 1 child to school and it is usually the boy.

In the world 31 million girls don’t get to go to school and 34 million don’t get to go to high school. In some countries 50% of girls don’t get to go to primary. That is half the girls in that country. 1 in 5 girls worldwide don’t get to go to high school.

14 million girls under the age of 18 are forced to get married. This prevents them from finishing school. In my opinion girls should be equal to boys and should have the same rights.


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