Newspaper Report – Crime Scene

On the 17th of October at approximately 2:30pm 5/6B’s classroom, Room 19, was robbed [well messed up]. A tail  that previously was hanging on the projector bell that Lee’s daughter got him was ripped and fluff was coming out. On the floor there were scissors with purple ink on it, a wrapper from a ‘weight watcher’ biscuit, fluff from the tail. Another piece of evidence was  purple writing on the whiteboard that clearly said in capital letters ‘CAN YOU JUST GET ALL YOUR PAPERWORK IN ORDER ALLREADY! THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS TO PEOPLE WHO ARE DISORGANISED! [With a sad face at the bottom].  Also a footprint was on an envelope and on the back it said in blue writing ‘Jess’. The smell of the room was like a perfume. Around 5 minutes after the class walked in soft, slow a tiny bit old music came on.

Lee, the teacher of 5/6B, walked into the classroom at the end of lunch and the door was locked. This came as a surprise to Lee as he clearly stated to the class that he did not lock the door at the end of lunch. ”Why is the door locked? Does anyone know why the door is locked?”

As the class and Lee came into the classroom it was a big shock with all the evidence lying around. “I think that it was a teacher because of the handwriting and it was up quite high. Also the tail was up high unless the person climbed up on a chair to cut it,” Lee said the day after the crime was committed, ”The room smelt like a perfume.”

Police and Forensic Scientists think it could be a girl, tall with neat writing, likes soft, slow and old music, a shoe size around 7 or 8. Some  suspects they assume could have done it are Liz, Jess and the victim himself Lee. The incident has not been solved but investigators are still working on solving this awful crime.

Please note that the colours means this:

Action Verbs

Adverbial Phrases

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