My Traits Graph

The Task

Since we are doing forensic science this term we had to make a graph about some unique features we all have such as detached earlobes and can you roll your tongue. Firstly we had to collect the data to actually make the graph. As a class we got all the information and did a hard copy of the graph on a piece of paper. Then we made one on excel. This is the one I made:

Mean/Average: The average amount of people that said yes when answering the graph was 12.8 out of 24 which is almost exactly half which means the average amount of people said no is 11.4.

Median: The median of yes is 14 and median of no is 10.

Mode: The mode of yes is 7 and it appears 2 times and the mode of no is 17 and it appears 2 times.



One thought on “My Traits Graph

  1. This is good work and an interesting graph. I still don’t quite understand what the Mode is or how it is figured out. From your answer it looks like the Mode is the number or data-point that occurs the most frequently in a set.

    So, for the ‘Yes’-s, the answers/responses totalling 7 came up most frequently (appearing 2 times, when all the others only appeared 1 time), so the mode of Yes is 7. Is that how the Mode is figured out? Good work on all your Maths Mates!

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