BTN – Eureka Stockade

In the 1850’s people from all over the world came to Australia to mine for gold. This was a very important time in history. They came at hope to get some gold and become rich. But it was difficult and dangerous. They did not have much food or money coming out here and children died at an early age.

The miners [they called themselves ‘the diggers’] could not vote and they had to pay money to dig for gold. If they did not have a licence to do so they would get in trouble and be punished. If they were caught without a licence they would be trapped up until they got the 5 pounds to pay it.  The diggers believed the did not need a licence so they all came together and burned there licence’s and this time was called the Eureka Rebellion.

On the 3rd of December there was a big battle. 22 miners died and 8  soliders died as well. The miners believed that they did not need a licence. 3 years later the men were allowed the vote. I think that they should have just been allowed to dig for gold and they are doing it at their own risk because it could have been extremely dangerous down under the ground.    

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