Maths Mate Sheet 8 Term 4 Question 22

Predict: I predict that it will be about money.

Read: Which deal costs less?

A] 75c for 500 ml

B] $2 for 2L

Clarify: I don’t have anything to clarify.

Mathematician’s Toolbox: ‘Have I seen a similar problem?’.

What’s the BIG question? Which deal out of A or B costs less.

Working out: Before I worked this out I went well 500ml is one quarter of 2L so I knew that if it was B every 500ml would be 50c because that is a quarter of 2L. In A though it costs 75c which would be 25c more then B. If you times 75 times 4 it is $3 so it would be more then B.

Summary: The answer I got B and it was not hard at all.

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