Graduation Reflection

As year 6’s primary school life comes to an end.  To remember it we all had a graduation. A graduation is a night were we have speech’s, videos and a good time to commemorate our time at MPPS. The night started of with a dinner for all the year 6’s and teachers. As we ate dinner there was a lot of talking and laughter and once we had all finished we walked down the hill to the school to start the formal part of the evening.

The SPC was filled with balloons and ribbons and all the graduates were dressed up in dresses and suits and glamorous shoes. As we walked in to the hall, everyone was clapping and cheering and the song ”Hall of Fame” was playing. The formal part of the evening started of with the princable’s address. After the year 6’s recived there graduation scroll. There was certificates for the specialists classes [Physical Education, Performing Arts, Art, Italian and Buddies]. Congratulations to anyone who got an award. There was a Valedictorian speech by Grace. C. A Valedictorian speech is a farewell speech that one persons writes and reads that sums up our time in Primary School saying what it meant to them and some funny as well as sad moments. There was an Excellence Award, an Academic Achievement Award and a DUX award. I got the DUX award! I was very proud of myself and I did not thnk at all that I would get it.

Some things that I did in the graduation was introduce items such as the graduation certificates, the Excellence Award, Acidemic Achivemnt Award and the DUX. I also  said some thank you’s at the start to people like Antony [SRC Coordinater], Matt[princable], Rebbecca[vice princable] and the year 6 teachers Jess, Liz and Lee. One of the last events was a surprise item.

After the graduation we got to open any scrolls we got or presents. All the graduates got a photo book that had all the pictures we took one day. There was tea and coffe and a massive chocolate cake that the School Captains got to cut. Every time someone recived an award a proffesional  photograher took there photo.

Graduation was a great night to dress up and bring your family members to remember Primary School.




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