Graduation Reflection

As year 6’s primary school life comes to an end.  To remember it we all had a graduation. A graduation is a night were we have speech’s, videos and a good time to commemorate our time at MPPS. The night started of with a dinner for all the year 6’s and teachers. As we ate dinner there was a lot of talking and laughter and once we had all finished we walked down the hill to the school to start the formal part of the evening.

The SPC was filled with balloons and ribbons and all the graduates were dressed up in dresses and suits and glamorous shoes. As we walked in to the hall, everyone was clapping and cheering and the song ”Hall of Fame” was playing. The formal part of the evening started of with the princable’s address. After the year 6’s recived there graduation scroll. There was certificates for the specialists classes [Physical Education, Performing Arts, Art, Italian and Buddies]. Congratulations to anyone who got an award. There was a Valedictorian speech by Grace. C. A Valedictorian speech is a farewell speech that one persons writes and reads that sums up our time in Primary School saying what it meant to them and some funny as well as sad moments. There was an Excellence Award, an Academic Achievement Award and a DUX award. I got the DUX award! I was very proud of myself and I did not thnk at all that I would get it.

Some things that I did in the graduation was introduce items such as the graduation certificates, the Excellence Award, Acidemic Achivemnt Award and the DUX. I also  said some thank you’s at the start to people like Antony [SRC Coordinater], Matt[princable], Rebbecca[vice princable] and the year 6 teachers Jess, Liz and Lee. One of the last events was a surprise item.

After the graduation we got to open any scrolls we got or presents. All the graduates got a photo book that had all the pictures we took one day. There was tea and coffe and a massive chocolate cake that the School Captains got to cut. Every time someone recived an award a proffesional  photograher took there photo.

Graduation was a great night to dress up and bring your family members to remember Primary School.




BTN – OZ Harvest

OZ Harvest is a company that collects food that is perfectly good and they collect the stuff places like bakeries an fruit stores do not need and give it to people who can’t supply food for them selves. An example is fruit. Sometimes fruit gets something on it called blemish. When it gets on the fruit costumers will not want it any more but you can still eat it. They give this to OZ Harvest.

Did you know that an average family will throw out $1000 worth of food a year! That is a lot. In a school 24% of kids lunches end up in the bin. In Australia we ditch 7.8 billion dollars of food which is around 4 million tonnes a year.

100WC Week 15#

Princable Madame walked the new coming parent who was gong to send their child to the school into the art centre. ”Even though we are a very old school we still do art. Our art program has a wide variety and the students go through 4 different art topics. Right now students are doing painting and drawing.’’ “And what do they do in that?” asked the parent. “Well they have 2 weeks to make an exquisite piece of art that they shall put on to display.” “

Very cool.”

“Well that concludes our tour and I hope you enjoyed.”

“Thank you.”

Maths Mate Sheet 8 Term 4 Question 22

Predict: I predict that it will be about money.

Read: Which deal costs less?

A] 75c for 500 ml

B] $2 for 2L

Clarify: I don’t have anything to clarify.

Mathematician’s Toolbox: ‘Have I seen a similar problem?’.

What’s the BIG question? Which deal out of A or B costs less.

Working out: Before I worked this out I went well 500ml is one quarter of 2L so I knew that if it was B every 500ml would be 50c because that is a quarter of 2L. In A though it costs 75c which would be 25c more then B. If you times 75 times 4 it is $3 so it would be more then B.

Summary: The answer I got B and it was not hard at all.


And then the noise stopped. The fly flew out of the window and into the garden. Thank gosh for that because I could not get to sleep. It is such a hot night and I hate sleeping in hot weather. My sheets are chucked on the dirty carpet. I have my sisters princess unicorn pyjamas on and because I could not be bothered getting on mine. I have my first day of high school tomorrow and I am freaking out. What if I have not friends, what if my teacher is like a monster. What if I get lost. It’s going to be horrible.

BTN – Eureka Stockade

In the 1850’s people from all over the world came to Australia to mine for gold. This was a very important time in history. They came at hope to get some gold and become rich. But it was difficult and dangerous. They did not have much food or money coming out here and children died at an early age.

The miners [they called themselves ‘the diggers’] could not vote and they had to pay money to dig for gold. If they did not have a licence to do so they would get in trouble and be punished. If they were caught without a licence they would be trapped up until they got the 5 pounds to pay it.  The diggers believed the did not need a licence so they all came together and burned there licence’s and this time was called the Eureka Rebellion.

On the 3rd of December there was a big battle. 22 miners died and 8  soliders died as well. The miners believed that they did not need a licence. 3 years later the men were allowed the vote. I think that they should have just been allowed to dig for gold and they are doing it at their own risk because it could have been extremely dangerous down under the ground.    

If you would like to see the video click on this link:

Maths Mate Sheet 7 Term 4

Predict: I predict that this will be about quantities and money.

Read: Which deal costs less?

A] $32 for 4 L

B] $8.50 for 1 L

Clarify: I have nothing to clarify.

Strategies/Mathematicians Toolbox: ‘Have I seen a similar problem’

If you would like to look at the list of them here is the link:

What’s the BIG question? Which deal costs less?

Working out: Well I knew that 8 is a quarter of 32 and it is offering a quarter less amount of L for B but it is $8.50 and that is not a quarter of 32 so if you want 4 L for $8.50 each it will come to a price of $34.00 and the other one is $32.00 for 8 L.

Summary: I believe that A is the correct answer. We had a similar problem last week so I used the way I worked out that to work out this problem.

Mini Forensic Science Project – Henry C. Lee

Henry C. Lee

Henry C. Lee is famous for his fantastic work in the field of forensic science. He is well known for both crime scene investigation and reconstruction, helping and solving approximately 6000 cases the last 40 years. He has earned multiple degrees in forensic science and held high positions in the field and is a respected member of multiple professional bodies.


He has received around 900 awards for his outstanding work. Two of the awards he has received were the 1996 medal of Justice from the United States Justice Foundation and the 1998 Lifetime Achievement from the Science and Engineer Association.


Henry C. Lee has an institute named after him in New Haven [North America]. It is called the ‘The Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science’. He comes to visit the institute regularly and has written over 30 books. Dr Lee also has a TV show called ‘Trace Evidence: The case files of Dr Henry Lee’. This show is about the cases Henry Lee has worked on over his life.


He has been an expert forensic witness in over 1000 criminal court cases. This is an important achievement because to be considered an expert by the court you need both academic qualifications, and to have done extensive research which has been validated by others. Throughout his life he has also designed training courses, for the Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI] for an example.


Some areas in which Dr Lee and his team of forensic scientists have contributed to the area of crime is finding new ways to extract DNA, working with fingerprint evidence, and  estimation of how much blood was at a crime scene. He has extensive knowledge in DNA, Fingerprints, Trace evidence, Blood Splatter and Crime scene investigation and Reconstruction.


Some of the well-known cases he has worked on are ‘The Staircase Murder’, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the O.J. Simpson case, the Jon Benet Ramsey murder and the abduction of Elizabeth Smart just to name a few. Lots of cases he has worked on are well known and fairly gruesome.  An example is O.J Simpson, a famous American footballer, was accused of murdering his ex-wife was murdered and her new boyfriend. Dr. Lee was an expert witness for defence in blood splatter evidence and testified that according to the evidence, O.J Simpson was not the murderer. Another case was Elizabeth Smart, she was kidnapped in the middle of the night from her bed. Her sister Mary Katharine was beside her and was shocked to learn her sister had been taken from the room. She then notified her parents and later Elizabeth was found alive approximately 9 months later. Dr. Lee reviewed the evidence on this case to help police find out who kidnapped Elizabeth Smart.


Henry C. Lee is an extremely smart and intelligent man and has helped solve some of the world’s most difficult cases. He has been an important contributor to forensic science research and development, and even though he is now in his 70’s he continues to help teach and also work on investigations.




Links to websites I used:

If you would like to hear me read my speech just click on the link below!

Henry C Lee Mini Forensic Science Project Audacity

BTN Post – Guide Dogs

Guide dogs get taught how to walk up steps and ramps and also locate them to. Also how to walk up escalators, how to get into lifts and how to walk around shopping centres and other public spaces. Also how to behave at these places. The difference between a guide dog and a normal dog is guide dogs you can take everywhere but with a normal dog you have to leave them outside while you are going somewhere.

They also have to go to special puppy training school. To have a guide dog you need to have a suitable home that is safe and has no poisonous plants. Eventually the owner of a guide dog will have to leave them. They then go and help blind people to get around. They train at the Royal Society for the Blind. These dogs can make a big change in some people’s lives.

100WC Week 12# Letter in a Bottle


Dear whoever finds this,

My name is Tom. I am 22 years of age and am sending this letter in hope that someone will receive it. I work at the Sydney Environment Cooperation [SEC]. We are always sending letters and on a rare occasion get some floating around. Right now we are working on a project to help make the world a more environmental place and we’re wanting other countries to join in.

Please reply with the following address:

75 Apple brand St Sydney, Junction house no. 12,

9213, Australia

Thank you and we would love anyone to reply,

King Regards


We talked about this in class and the purpose is not to write a fiction piece it is to write a non fiction piece so underneath is my real one:

Dear the Children of the Philippines,

I am writing a letter of hope. We all know that you have suffered and are all giving encouragement and belongings such as money to help the people that have suffered. I have never been in a situation like you may be in now and I don’t know how I would ever survive like that. I give all my hope to you. Stay strong and I have faith and belief that you will be ok. I hope to hear that you are ok and I hope you get food and water ASAP.

From Amelia