100WC Week 15#

Princable Madame walked the new coming parent who was gong to send their child to the school into the art centre. ”Even though we are a very old school we still do art. Our art program has a wide variety and the students go through 4 different art topics. Right now students are doing painting and drawing.’’ “And what do they do in that?” asked the parent. “Well they have 2 weeks to make an exquisite piece of art that they shall put on to display.” “

Very cool.”

“Well that concludes our tour and I hope you enjoyed.”

“Thank you.”


And then the noise stopped. The fly flew out of the window and into the garden. Thank gosh for that because I could not get to sleep. It is such a hot night and I hate sleeping in hot weather. My sheets are chucked on the dirty carpet. I have my sisters princess unicorn pyjamas on and because I could not be bothered getting on mine. I have my first day of high school tomorrow and I am freaking out. What if I have not friends, what if my teacher is like a monster. What if I get lost. It’s going to be horrible.

100WC Week 12# Letter in a Bottle


Dear whoever finds this,

My name is Tom. I am 22 years of age and am sending this letter in hope that someone will receive it. I work at the Sydney Environment Cooperation [SEC]. We are always sending letters and on a rare occasion get some floating around. Right now we are working on a project to help make the world a more environmental place and we’re wanting other countries to join in.

Please reply with the following address:

75 Apple brand St Sydney, Junction house no. 12,

9213, Australia

Thank you and we would love anyone to reply,

King Regards


We talked about this in class and the purpose is not to write a fiction piece it is to write a non fiction piece so underneath is my real one:

Dear the Children of the Philippines,

I am writing a letter of hope. We all know that you have suffered and are all giving encouragement and belongings such as money to help the people that have suffered. I have never been in a situation like you may be in now and I don’t know how I would ever survive like that. I give all my hope to you. Stay strong and I have faith and belief that you will be ok. I hope to hear that you are ok and I hope you get food and water ASAP.

From Amelia

100WC Week 11#

Remembering to put my lunch in my school bag I quickly run outside of the door. If I am late again Mr Box will get furious at me. I get on the bus just milliseconds from it leaving. As I arrive at school my heart beating, I quickly get to class. My first class is maths. My  absolute totally worst subject. I don’t know why but it is just something about maths that I just hate. Also I hate my teacher. He is the worst. I could tell that this was going to be a hard, long and boring day.

100WC Week 10#

I fell into the freezing cold lake. I could feel the water splash all over me and a shiver ran down my spine. It is a typical autumn day and I can see the orange and slightly green leaves all around me. My black boots were out of the water; still not wet and my jeans dripping with water. I slowly get out of the water dragging along things that have caught on me when I was in the water. When I jump on the front door step I hear my mum shouting at my younger brother. What a surprise.

100WC Week 9#

The violent storm was making the ocean ruff and a dark misty blue. The waves were massive and the wind was gushing. It was too dangerous to go outside. All the shops on the beach were getting flooded as the water swept across the sand like a mini river gushing and the water was approximately 10 degrees. There was not one person in the water. Jo looked out the window of his high-rise apartment to see the lighting crash and to hear the booming sound of thunder. It was horrendous weather and it was not going to get any better.   

100WC Week 8#

In the night zoo there lived an animal. No one in there mind would ever go near the creature to feed him or see him. The creature was always very lonely and never ever had anyone to play with. He starved all the time hoping some one would come and play or feed him. Days and life went on. One day a night zoo keeper came to see the it. He went closer and closer feeling a shiver down his spine. He went up to the gate. It started to eat the zoo keeper because after all he was a t-rex.

100WC Week 7#

Slowly the sky got darker. The air was getting colder and the stars where coming out. Less and less cars were going past. Eventually you could not see a single star in the sky because clouds had hidden them. The clouds made the atmosphere scarier and every now and again you could hear a rumble, it was thunder. It was getting louder but no lightning. Everywhere was quiet and drops of rain fell down my cold goose bumpy skin. It felt as though it was 7 degrees. Out of the blue a bolt of lightning came down. There were screams.

100 WC Week 1#

Suddenly I heard a crack. Glass was shattering. I jump out of bed with a fright. Out of the blue a window has shattered. But what could it be I thought to myself. It is so early in the morning what possibly could it be? Yawning I go and investigate. No one’s up.  I look around to see what it was. With a flash of a light I see a dirty, old looking man glaring at me. Who is that? He does a soft evil like glare that kind of freaked me out. Why isn’t the window shattered I thought.

100 WC Holiday Prompt #3

As the train entered the tunnel I was staring out the window about to fall asleep. The train ride has been long from London to Hogwarts and I am really excited to enter a new year of Hogwarts. I am sitting with Ron and Hermione just chatting just hoping that Draco Malfoy will not come to our section of the train. I do not know what is in stall for this year as last year was hard but rewarding in a way. I had the Triwizard Cup which I drew with Cedric Diggory. He died in a clash with Voldermort…..