The Crash of the Eiffel Tower

  • Please note readers that this was an assessment task and we had limited time and some things will be wrong as we were under pressure.

Wow,how I love London.Honestly I think it is the most livible city.Not any of those boring countries that the media says,because it’s London.

My family and I are going to go on picnic today at the park next to the Ifiel Tower. Personaly I just admire the Ifiel Tower.The only thing is that it’s so big and some day I think it will crash.

When we get to the park we glare in amazment.Mum says that the clouds are getting darker and darker but all I can see is the lovley earth around me.

As I am gazing around,just minding my own buisness eating a vanilla with blue icing cupcake we got from the preety cupcake earier on in the day.Then I hear a bang lightning bang lightning rain rain.Then shifting,then more then…..BANG!

I look up.Its quite.That was a big storm. Were’s all the features of London?Were is the Big Ben,The big buildings,the Ifiel Tower,It has fell down and broken in Who’s that person under it,Curly hair,tan,lots of FrecklesThen it comes to me.I have just lost my brother.Squashed flat,never to be alive again.I have realized the police were here they couldn’t even pick him up because of how heavy it was


A While Later……

I could never get over it.How could such a Fantastic day go so horribly wrong.


The End

By Amelia