BTN – OZ Harvest

OZ Harvest is a company that collects food that is perfectly good and they collect the stuff places like bakeries an fruit stores do not need and give it to people who can’t supply food for them selves. An example is fruit. Sometimes fruit gets something on it called blemish. When it gets on the fruit costumers will not want it any more but you can still eat it. They give this to OZ Harvest.

Did you know that an average family will throw out $1000 worth of food a year! That is a lot. In a school 24% of kids lunches end up in the bin. In Australia we ditch 7.8 billion dollars of food which is around 4 million tonnes a year.

BTN – Eureka Stockade

In the 1850’s people from all over the world came to Australia to mine for gold. This was a very important time in history. They came at hope to get some gold and become rich. But it was difficult and dangerous. They did not have much food or money coming out here and children died at an early age.

The miners [they called themselves ‘the diggers’] could not vote and they had to pay money to dig for gold. If they did not have a licence to do so they would get in trouble and be punished. If they were caught without a licence they would be trapped up until they got the 5 pounds to pay it.  The diggers believed the did not need a licence so they all came together and burned there licence’s and this time was called the Eureka Rebellion.

On the 3rd of December there was a big battle. 22 miners died and 8  soliders died as well. The miners believed that they did not need a licence. 3 years later the men were allowed the vote. I think that they should have just been allowed to dig for gold and they are doing it at their own risk because it could have been extremely dangerous down under the ground.    

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BTN Post – Guide Dogs

Guide dogs get taught how to walk up steps and ramps and also locate them to. Also how to walk up escalators, how to get into lifts and how to walk around shopping centres and other public spaces. Also how to behave at these places. The difference between a guide dog and a normal dog is guide dogs you can take everywhere but with a normal dog you have to leave them outside while you are going somewhere.

They also have to go to special puppy training school. To have a guide dog you need to have a suitable home that is safe and has no poisonous plants. Eventually the owner of a guide dog will have to leave them. They then go and help blind people to get around. They train at the Royal Society for the Blind. These dogs can make a big change in some people’s lives.

BTN – Mime

Mime artists perform without using words. They do it with no objects so they pretend that it is there. To get into the character when you are doing it you need certain body movements, facial expressions and gestures. Mime is one of the earliest types of drama. It means imitating in ancient Greek. It is usually performed in black and white and they have a white face to notice features of their face.

Marsell Marso is a famous French actor and started his own mime school in 1940’s. The Unbilickle Brothers are also well known for their mimes and how they mix it with sound effects and props. I think that mime is cool because you can express yourself but not use any words only with body movements and facial expressions.

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BTN Post – Maddison Elliot

Madison Elliot made history when she was just 13 years of age. Maddison has won gold, silver and bronze in swimming at the Paralympics. Before Maddy was born the blood supply in her brain was disturbed and she had a stroke. Now she has a disease. This effects the Cerebrum part in the brain which controls movement.

She stated at a very young age but her condition did not stop her doing swimming. Maddy started at local swimming competitions. Now in the Paralympics she is in class S8. In the London Paralympics she was the first Australian to win a Paralympic medal. She got a bronze in the S8 400m freestyle, a silver in the S8 50m freestyle, a bronze in the S8 100m freestyle and a gold in the women’s 4x 100m freestyle relay and was lucky enough to meet prince Harry. At the national age championships she won 8 of her events and even broke a world record!

We should be seeing more of her face in years to come because she is an amazing swimmer!

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BTN Post – The Titanic

A while ago a ship called the ‘Titanic’ sinked in the ocean. This was because it hit an iceberg on its voyage. The ship was 270m long and the biggest in its day. It sinked at 2:20 am on a Sunday. Now it lies 4km under the water.

There were 2223 passengers and crew and out of them 706 survived and 1517 did not. It took 3 hours to sink and was minus 2 degrees in the water. People who were more likely in 1st class got a life boat while others died of coldness or drowned in usually 30 minutes. Mother and children were also more likely to get on a life boat.

Now days boats have to have enough life boats for everyone. They are hoping they will never have a maritime disaster as bad as that.

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BTN – Young Umpire

Have you ever wanted to be an umpire soon. Well young Eleni is now becoming a football umpire at state level. It can be quite difficult being an umpire because you have to run a lot, screaming demanding fans and you have to make all the decisions and not everyone will agree with you.

When being an umpire you have to coach some wild behaviour. Sport games are now allowing young people to be umpires. Eleni said in the video that it is hard work, you get a lot of exercise when doing it because you run around a lot and you can make up to $150 000 a season. The hardest thing about being a football umpire is the ball toss up because w you have to make it straight up in the air. She also said that you feel like your a part of the game and she loves football.

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BTN Post – Name and Shame

In this BTN it was all about if a child commits a crime should there name be spread over the internet and in peoples mind so everyone knows who they are. Different states have different opinions and different people have different opinions. If people do share their names it will put the child who committed the crime in some shame about themselves. If later on in life that person go’s for say a job interview then if the job interviewer knows there name and what they did they probably will not get that job.

If you keep the name of the child confidential then people won’t know who they are and what to look out for. If they say you robbed a bank then people should know who you are and what you look like to make sure you don’t do anything else bad.

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BTN – Smacking Ban

The video was all about what happens when you do the wrong thing[Mostly all about smacking]. Back in 1950, 99% of people smacked their child if they were naughty. Smacking is bad especially if you did it to a young child. If you did it on their neck or head it could lead to problems later in life.

Over the years more and more countries have banded it. The closest country to us is New Zealand. In 2007 they banned smacking but 2 years later 90% of people there wanted smacking to not be illegal. In Australia we do not have a law about it but in Sydney people are not allowed to smack in certain places and it has to be for a good reason.

BTN Post – Sleep

This article was all about sleep. If you don’t get enough sleep you will find it hard to concentrate especially at school. If you are on an electronic device before bed this will affect your sleeping as you will find it hard to sleep. It is better to read before bed. It has an effect on our sleep because of how much light the electronic device has. If you want to use your electronic device before bed try to turn the brightness down. Another way is turn your power off and so you are not tempted to go on it or if someone texts you then you can’t see it. If you don’t get enough sleep you won’t be able to do stuff you want to do so that is why sleep is important.

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