Cyber Safety Presentation Reflection

On the 30th of May all the 5/6s participated in a cyber safety presentation by Mira from ACMA. Here are some o the things she told us about:

Private accounts – Keep you accounts private if your on a social network site such as Instagram or Kik.Help a friend if they are getting bullied and if you get bullied yourself tell a adult you can trust. Do the same with a friend.Be carful of what images you put on the internet.People can activate you camera on your device.If you get bullied or there is somthing rude and you want to save it you can screen shot.Do not give away an of your personal details such as your first and last name, your address, your birthday and more.You can turn of you picture settings.Do not post a picture of someone if they do not want you to and do not do it if they dont know.If on You Tube you see somthing that is innapropriate you can flag it, block it, or report it.There are age limits on sites such as facbook and more and they have been put on for a reason so you should follow the age resticttion.Illegal downloading is illegal and if you do do it it can give you viras’.

Overall I think that everyone learnt somthing including me and I think that this genaration of children can stop cyberbulling.


Cyber Saftey Speech To Mum and Dad

Dear Mum and Dad,

As you know the students of MPPS took part in a speech about cyber safety. This was took by a lady named Mira from ACMA. We learnt about different ways to stop cyber bulling, what it is, what it effects, how people do it and much more. Here are some of the things that she talked about:

Keep your accounts private. You should not just let random people follow or text you. Never share your personals details such as your full name, where you live, your birthday date, your bank account number and any other personal details you have. Have a password to get into your device because say you lose it any one will be able to pick it up and find out stuff they shouldn’t. Mira also told us about age limits on sites. There are age limits for a reason and they need to be followed. She told us about illegal downloading. If you download illegally you can get viruses on your computer that can stuff up your computer. Imagine if you made a movie and you knew that you were going to make money out of it and then you did not because people illegally downloaded you movie. Also don’t have the same password for everything because if someone finds out what one of your passwords are they may find out all your others.

Another thing she told us about was the effect it can have on people. In the presentation we watched a video. It was about a girl and a person hit her with a soccer ball and she cried. Another girl took a picture of her and posted it on the internet. Heaps of people commented on it and it made her feel bad. Another boy saw what was going on. He to a screen shot of all the rude messages and showed it to his parents. Then his parents told the school and they dealt with it. The boy who took the screen shot is the good guy.  Screen shots are very helpful if you want to have proof.

Overall I thought that the presentation made every one think about something even me and I think cyber bulling is a bad thing and it should stop now. I went away with my head full of things to think about and it made me think about how I can do my part to stop it.

From Amelia