BTN – OZ Harvest

OZ Harvest is a company that collects food that is perfectly good and they collect the stuff places like bakeries an fruit stores do not need and give it to people who can’t supply food for them selves. An example is fruit. Sometimes fruit gets something on it called blemish. When it gets on the fruit costumers will not want it any more but you can still eat it. They give this to OZ Harvest.

Did you know that an average family will throw out $1000 worth of food a year! That is a lot. In a school 24% of kids lunches end up in the bin. In Australia we ditch 7.8 billion dollars of food which is around 4 million tonnes a year.

Mini Forensic Science Project – Henry C. Lee

Henry C. Lee

Henry C. Lee is famous for his fantastic work in the field of forensic science. He is well known for both crime scene investigation and reconstruction, helping and solving approximately 6000 cases the last 40 years. He has earned multiple degrees in forensic science and held high positions in the field and is a respected member of multiple professional bodies.


He has received around 900 awards for his outstanding work. Two of the awards he has received were the 1996 medal of Justice from the United States Justice Foundation and the 1998 Lifetime Achievement from the Science and Engineer Association.


Henry C. Lee has an institute named after him in New Haven [North America]. It is called the ‘The Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science’. He comes to visit the institute regularly and has written over 30 books. Dr Lee also has a TV show called ‘Trace Evidence: The case files of Dr Henry Lee’. This show is about the cases Henry Lee has worked on over his life.


He has been an expert forensic witness in over 1000 criminal court cases. This is an important achievement because to be considered an expert by the court you need both academic qualifications, and to have done extensive research which has been validated by others. Throughout his life he has also designed training courses, for the Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI] for an example.


Some areas in which Dr Lee and his team of forensic scientists have contributed to the area of crime is finding new ways to extract DNA, working with fingerprint evidence, and  estimation of how much blood was at a crime scene. He has extensive knowledge in DNA, Fingerprints, Trace evidence, Blood Splatter and Crime scene investigation and Reconstruction.


Some of the well-known cases he has worked on are ‘The Staircase Murder’, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the O.J. Simpson case, the Jon Benet Ramsey murder and the abduction of Elizabeth Smart just to name a few. Lots of cases he has worked on are well known and fairly gruesome.  An example is O.J Simpson, a famous American footballer, was accused of murdering his ex-wife was murdered and her new boyfriend. Dr. Lee was an expert witness for defence in blood splatter evidence and testified that according to the evidence, O.J Simpson was not the murderer. Another case was Elizabeth Smart, she was kidnapped in the middle of the night from her bed. Her sister Mary Katharine was beside her and was shocked to learn her sister had been taken from the room. She then notified her parents and later Elizabeth was found alive approximately 9 months later. Dr. Lee reviewed the evidence on this case to help police find out who kidnapped Elizabeth Smart.


Henry C. Lee is an extremely smart and intelligent man and has helped solve some of the world’s most difficult cases. He has been an important contributor to forensic science research and development, and even though he is now in his 70’s he continues to help teach and also work on investigations.




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Henry C Lee Mini Forensic Science Project Audacity

International Day of the Girl

Today is International Girl Day Girl. Every year there is a theme and this years it is ‘education. International Girl Day is a day where we recognize girls rights. All around the world girls are working and not going to school. Some girls are even getting forced to be married!

They would like to help girls that don’t go to school go to school. If they don’t get to go to school they won’t be able to reach their full potential. Some families only have enough money to send 1 child to school and it is usually the boy.

In the world 31 million girls don’t get to go to school and 34 million don’t get to go to high school. In some countries 50% of girls don’t get to go to primary. That is half the girls in that country. 1 in 5 girls worldwide don’t get to go to high school.

14 million girls under the age of 18 are forced to get married. This prevents them from finishing school. In my opinion girls should be equal to boys and should have the same rights.


What Do We Know About Australia Before The British Came!

What do we know about Australia before the British came?

Before the British came Australia was not an empty land. Indigenous people lived all over the country. The Aboriginals used to live in tribes or groups. Nature was there main resource. Aboriginal means ‘the first’ or ‘the earliest’.  When the British came they were not the first people to discover or come to Australia. People from Dutch, French, Macassan, Arab and Portuguese had come over centuries. Food and other goods were traded but while the British were there it was not always peaceful. Occasionally they had some fights.

Before Captain Cook came in 1770 people had come to Australia for 100’s of years. People think that the Chinese also came before the British. Also they think that the Portuguese knew where Australia was because over time people found some maps from the 16 century that looks a bit like Australia and has around the same land mass as Australia that the Portuguese drew [Well probably the Portuguese sailors did].

In 1504 a French navigator Binot Paulmier de Gonneville sailed. For a while people thought that he had discovered Australia when he had actually landed in Brazil.