‘’No, I can’t believe it!’’

‘’No, I can’t believe it!’’ ‘’Its Mr Chocco m Bocco’’ ‘’You know the guy that owns the 10 story high chocolate shop in London!’’ ‘’He has the best chocolate land that’s in Willy Wonka, He inveted that.’’ ‘’I would love to get to go there.’’ ‘’Wouldn’t you?’’

Knock Knock its the pizza man

‘’Knock Knock ‘’ ‘‘Its the pizza man!’’ I run to get it. Mum and dad are out so its a great opportunity to watch my scary movie’‘The return of Mr Bottomfryer .Its is about a man called Harrien Bottomfryer that was killing everyone.It was all awesome until…………….





In pixie land

In pixie land every thing is pink. Everyone is nice but make sure you don’t be nuarty other wise you will get caught by Pixiedimolished and all off the pixies will know that your not a pixie. All the pixies houses are small and they all have lots of furniture.