People Like Us

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People Like Us Story – Audacity

Miss Kingsworth is an odd person. She is a dirty, short and untidy person. She has large brown snotty hair and is an awfully large person. She has big muscles and is crazy about Rugby.

On the other side of the street Miss Kingsworth lives on lives a very organized, sensible and sophisticated man named Mr Beansy. He has slick black hair that is always very neat. He has a big business that he owns and make a lot of money out of so he always look very tidy in his black expensive cloths and clean body.

One morning at 7:00 am Miss Kingsworth and Mr Beansy woke up in their separate houses. Mr Beansy ready to go to work and Miss Kingsworth ready to have a lazy day on the couch watching Rugby. They both went out to check there mail boxes as this was the time the mail arrived. They took there mail inside. They both had bills, letters but they both got an unusual letter. They were both the same letter but offcourse addressed to each of them. Mr Beansy read his first as Miss Kingsworth could not be bothered. Mr Beansy read:

Dear Mr Beansy,

We are aware that you are heading into the time in your life called Retirement Life. By law after a few months of turning 68 you must go to a Retirement Village closest to you [They are all the same]. The Central New York Retirement Village is where you will be staying. It has luxury pools, Gyms, Tennis Courts and in every room you have bathrooms, kitchen, laundry, lounge room, theatre room and much, much more. You will not have to pay for anything as it is a governments promise that they will pay although we will have to take all you money now and put it in a storage room to make sure everything is safe. We will start the moving process tomorrow and it will finish in 4 days. Another part of our curriculum here is that we want to you to be sociable. Everyone who stays will have a room mate. We try to pair you up with people that live near you so you can talk and have a great time and you may know the people. Your room mate will be Miss Kingsworth. If you have any problem come and tell us.

We hope you have a great stay and you enjoy every moment of your last 32 years or so.

Kind Regards

The Central New York Retirement Village

After reading this Mr Beansy was gobsmacked. The thought of  living with Miss Kingsworth was making him shake. He did not want to live with a dirty untidy person for the rest of his life. An hour or so after Mr Beansy had read the letter Miss Kingsworth read the letter. Allthough she was not as gobsmaked at Mr Beansy she still got a fright when it told her on the letter. For the whole day they just worried. Thinking non stop about there life ahead. They both went to bed in misery and not ready for the big moving day ahead.

Moving was not easy for both of them at their age. Sore backs, missing his beloved work, not Rugby watching and all day they thought about the traumatizing feeling that they had to live with each other. Miss Kingsworth house took 2 times as long to move out as it was messier and she had so much more stuff. Photos, flat rugby balls, beds, kitchen appliences and more was getting moved into huge trucks that were getting moved to the Retirement Village.

After a couple days of cleaning, bringing back memeories the 2 were ready to move into there apartment.

When they got there there was a massive plasma T.V perfect for Miss Kingsworth when watching her 12 hour marathon of Rugby of past and present games. There was a big comfterble couch and fluffy, soft carpet every where except for the kitchen aand the bathroom. Just down a hall there was a room with a double bed and a luxury ensiute and just next to it was a copy of that room [exactly the same room]. The kitchen had extremely posh and expensive stuff. Attached onto the kitchen was a bar and a dining room. Also there was a laundry and a study. Down stairs there was a pool, a gym, a spa, tennis courts, a heat room and a cool room.

The first night they did not talk and they did not talk. They both didn’t dare talk to each other. At 8:00 pm the next cold, silent night the door bell rang. Mr Beansy opened the door. A very smart looking guy walked in. Miss Kingsworth did not even come up to greet him as she was lying on the couch, watching rugby and eating tiramisu not even knowing someone had come in. The guest who had a familiar outfit on happened to be a staff member at the retirement village. All the lights were on and there was a big fire going. It was a dark stormy night. The staff member who was beaming like crazing for no particular sat down. Mr Beansy was all ready to hear what he had to say as Miss Kingsworth walked lazily over to the table with a mouth full of tiramisu. The delighted guest began to speak. ” Hello Miss Kingsworth and Mr Beansy I have jus – Sorry my name is Nelly and as you may already know I work at the New York Retirement Centre. I have just come to inform you that there will be a ‘Talk to each other night’ next Friday where you will discuss your differences and what you have in common. The night will include a 3 course meal and wine and beer. You will be expected to look nice as this is a formal event and it will start at 6:30 in the hall. See you there. Good bye for now.” Then he walked to the door and left in a very orderly matter.

Next Friday night came very quickly. It  was a hour before the ‘Talk to each other night’ and the two were getting ready. Mr Beansy was wearing his nice work suit and Miss Kingsworth wearing what she thinks is a nice T-shirt and jeans. Most people had arrived and they all looked glamorous and all you could see was sparkly dress’ and very expensive suits. The leader of the group announced how everything would work then dinner came out. The entrée was a velvety red tomato soup. Main was a roast with potatoes and green salad and offcourse the chicken. Lastly the dessert came out. It was a smooth 3 layered chocolate mousse with 3 different types of chocolate.  With every one stuffed with food they were ready to start the main bit with some beer and wine. It would be kind of hard for them to talk when they feel like they are going to vomit because they ate to much food.

Chatting filled the air as everyone talked. Except for Miss Kingsworth and Mr Beansy. They had nothing to talk about. It was either they were just to shy or they hated each other to much they knew that every thing they would talk about they would disagree about. One of the helpers came over to start a conversation. They talked then they stopped. Then they talked then they stopped. The night passed on and the two were having really long conversations. They found things they did have in common like gummy bears were the best afternoon treat and stuff they did not have in common like Miss Kingsworth liked Rugby and Mr Beansy hated Rugby. All through the night the leaders kept a close eye on them. They could start to see a bond. They had more things in common then not in common and they seemed to really enjoy each others company. The night passed and it was time for everyone to leave. Every one made their way out of the great hall and into their rooms. When Miss Kingsworth and Mr Beansy got into their room they went straight to bed. They had to have a big sleep because the following day they had a field trip to the shops where they had to drive by themselves [well with one another offcourse]. They woke up nice and early and got ready to go. As they went down stairs they were trembling. Neither of them had drove in years. Mr Beansy always had someone do it for him and Miss Kingsworth would never drive after her accident 10 years ago. She is a very dangerous driver so they decided that Mr Beansy would drive. When they got in the car Mr Beansy was shaking like mad. He started to drive. It was easy at first until they got to a round about. Mr Beansy was trying to turn but at his old age he did not have the strength to. He heading for a tree. Closer and closer they got. Just cm away. They slammed so hard and glass shattered every where. Cut and cuts. There vision was fading away. They were shutting down, down, down.

By Amelia


“Meet you back at the food court in 20 minutes” said mum in the daggy cloths shop in Highpoint Central. I’m free for once! My sister and mum are going shopping for the formal party my sister is going to tonight.

Every time I  go to Highpoint I go to Sports Girl. It is my favourite shop. I am about 3 metres away as I here screaming. Ahhhh! Where is that noise coming from? I ignore it and head to my destination with the big, bright, colourful sign. As I walk in I see the police. Why are the  police here? I never knew men like girls clothing and fashion. They come towards me. “Ahhhh” I think to myself. “Raise your hands young lady your coming with us.”

A while later

Why do I have to be in a police station when I am meat to be meeting mum at the food court. She is probably wondering where on earth I am. Slowly mum walks throw the door. Apparently they thought that since I was around prisoners stealing money I was their helper and I am a suspect!

They ask me a few questions like “Do you have something to give us?’’  or “Why were you around these escaped prisoners?”

They leave me to talk to my mum and of course my sister is going on that she is not going to look ‘pretty’ at the party. I explain about the incident but mum does not get it. Come on it is simple. I walked into a shop and then I get convicted of stealing. Really?

Concluding the incident the end result is that I have to  pay $100 out of my pocket money which is a good thing because my parents pay me every week. Also I’m grounded for 3 months which I did not agree to.

2 weeks later

My parent are sad, disappointed and disgusted in me. Well I guess I’m not trust worthy and I’m staying away from men in Sports Girl……..



Abracadabra, That went so fast! We have done millions of activities [Well maybe not millions].I’m completely not looking forward to go from Thailand to Malaysia to Melbourne which takes 9 hours. How dreadful, I know.

My family and I are going back in a Tuk Tuk to the airport. But right at that moment…..Ahhhh earthquake! I can fell the earth shaking on the sole of my foot. It’s really starting to rumble and the taxi comes to a complete stop.

1 hour later

Thankfully the earthquake has stopped. It was probably a 6.1. Luckily we went 1 hour before the flight and hopefully our flight won’t be delayed.[Lets hope].

My stressed tired family and I get to the airport. ‘’This is the best day ever’’ dad says ’’What happened? I reply. Then I come to a sudden stop and realize that our flight is delayed, some people look at us, They slowly walked towards us and say ’’Are you and your family going on flight GHTRJJU778643 ‘’Yes we are’’ ‘’Well’’ they say, ’’Well you might just make it so I say, let’s do this together’’.

A while later…..

Well here is one good thing, We make it to K.L ,Malaysia. But the bad news is that the airport manager said that there is never going to be a flight back to Melbourne. We went silent. There were 80 other people on the flights trying to get the seats if the people don’t turn up. ‘’You’re going to have to try and make a living soon’’ He said with a fake smile.

Could we be stuck here forever? We ask ourselves.