School Uniforms Shouls Be Compulsery

I absolutely think that school uniforms should be  compulsory  in all schools.  My reasons are because you don’t get bullied or students do not wear  inappropriate clothing. You can be identified easily for different reasons and it  will stop a wardrobe crisis.


Firstly people can bully other students. They can also were inappropriate  clothing. Some kids might not were expensive clothes like other kids might  wear. People could offend them and bully them  because of the clothes that  they are wearing. Some people have different styles which people could also  pick on. Kids can wear inappropriate  clothing that might have swear words  and many more items, pictures ands styles. When you have a school uniform  everyone is even and there is no inappropriate clothing or bullying.


If you have a school uniform you can be identified easily .If you go on a excursion to a big place with heaps of  people and crowds you can point out who is from your school from the logo or the uniform. Another point is when your on the excursion you can show everyone how good you are and how well behaved you and  your classmates are. If you are lost and can’t

Communicate everyone can see where your from and help you. If you are naughty or something has happened in school hours people can contact your school and notify the school as soon as possible.


Another reason is you don’t have to worry about what you wear because you  have something that you have to wear. It will save your parents time because  they won’t have to do as much washing if your one of those people who need  a new outfit every day. It will make you and your parents not fight because  you will not argue about  what you want to wear. Students will always have  something to wear because it is compulsory.


In conclusion I have clearly stated that school uniforms are compulsory in all  schools. It will stop bulling and inappropriate clothing and it will make  everyone know what  school your from. Also it will stop a wardrobe crisis. Now  I hope I have changed your mind if you were against or maybe you believe  even more now.

Project 1 (Leadership,Rosa Parks)


Dear Jude and 5/6,

I truly believe that Rosa Parks is a truly sensational leader and here’s why:

My first reason is just imagine yourself, you have just had a big day at work and all you wanted to do is to get on a bus and go home.Suddenly some white person comes and says ”Get of that seat its mine”! Back then you had to remember to give up your seat would you? I would definitely not! So Rosa said no and then went to court.The judge found her guilty so she went to the Supreme Court and the judge agreed and so she got what she wanted.Thats what a real leader does is keeps on going and never gives up.

My second main very important argument is that she had SO much persistence and determination thought she had right to let herself and others have a fair,equal and enjoyable life.I know a true leader would keep on fighting to get what they and others like.Dont you think a real leader has persistence to get what they think is right?

Lastly,I truly believe that Rosa Parks was a great leader because of her help in society and so all the citizens in the town or country get along and everyone is happy.She also helped the way we live now because without her we would of had all the awful rules.Imagine that?It wouldn’t be the same.Also she helped Martin Luther King which also became president.They both helped each other in getting people think about how they treated and respect others.

In conclusion I believe that Rosa Parks’ leadership, Persistence, determination and help on society makes her a very true leader.

Thank you




Dogs should where leads in public

Dogs should where leads in public

I strongly believe that dogs should be on a lead in public. [But not on lead free parks].

My first main argument is the protection of the dog. This means your dog is in no danger roads, cars, busy walk ways and other places where a dog can interact with other dogs and people. My dog loves to play with other dogs and he could have been in real danger if he had chased after another dog

My second main argument not only the safety of  the dog but the others people around them. I once saw a dog when I was in a park last year and the dog wasn’t on a lead and ran up to me and the owner calling the dog and it she wasn’t coming. Have you ever been in a incident like this?

Thirdly what if your dog went missing only because you didn’t put a lead on your dog. How would that make you feel? Have you heard the story about the girl who got killed by a dog the owner might have not been controlled properly. You wouldn’t feel good if your dog about that  would you?

In conclustion that’s why I strongly believe that you should have your dog on a lead in public places.


S.R.C Application

Dear 5/6 students,

In my opinion, I think that I truly could be a completely terrific SRC for school Firstly I have excellent social skills and I love being around people. I love seeing friends on weekends. One weekend I only saw my parents for 10 minutes and I had so much fun with my friends. That’s important to be on the SRC because you are always around people.

Another point is that I’m confident and I let people share their opinion like last year, when we were doing group work, I let other people have a say and in SRC you do lots of group work.

Thirdly at meetings I would always be on time and if we were late I would tell my teacher if I could leave to go. I used to be the deputy of my 3/4 Class and every time, I was on time.

In conclusion I strongly believe that I should be elected to be on the school  Student Representative Council.

I hope you agree too!


Compass Award Application

Dear Jude,

My opinion I truly believe that I should be a compass award leader for Judes class because of the following reasons why.

Firstly I am a very active person and do a lot of things in the week such as tennis once a week for 45 mins, swimming which I do for 30 mins a week . Some of my hobbies are tennis and swimming [As I mentioned].I also do piano for 30 mins. I used to do Cello at school  30 mins and I did dancing for 1 hour. So I would have alot  to write about.

Secondly I do lots of volunteering in school such as collecting paper bins, taking down pole protectors and sandpit covers. I do green team and I am the coordinator of the fundraising.

Thirdly at school we do the Met challenge were  we are in a team and we have to find or way around. You go around on trams, bus , train and you walk which I’m looking forward to.

In conclusion I absolutely believe that I should be a compass award leader for Jude’s class.