5 Facts of Fiction – 2 Weeks with the Queen

Fact 1# The main characters of the story are Ted, Luke and Colin.

Fact 2# Colin throughout the book wants to find a cure to his brother Luke’s cancer.

Fact 3# He gets more detriment every time his plan of saving his brothers life.

Fact 4# Colin went happy at times, sad at times, determent at times and rebellious at times.

Fact 5# You feel for Colin and Ted because they both have someone that they love that is in danger having cancer about to die. When Colin gets to the best doctor his whole plan falls apart.

Reading Reflection

Pages 144 to 154   Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire by J.K Rowling

When I was reading I was always wondering what would happen next. Beauxbaons and Durmstang students arrived at Hogwarts in a carrige in the sky and the others arrived in a boat that came out of the water like a plug hole world pool for the Triwizard Tournament. I do not know what the Triwizard Tournament is and I am eager to find out. All the guests and the Hogwart students had a feast to welcome every one.