10 Comparisons – 5 Differences and 5 Similarities of the book 2 Weeks with the Queen


1. Colin is always positive and Ted is always negative.

2. Colin is upset while Griff is happy [When they get the presents.

3. Colin is greedy while Luke is spoilt.

4. Colin is confident while Alistair is shy.

5. Alistair’s parents are layed back.


1. Colin and Ted both have the same problem which is both of them have 1 person in their family that has cancer.

2. Colin’s mum and Colin’s dad are both worried about Luke.

3. Luke and Griff both have cancer.

4. Luke and Griff both could not be cured in the story.

5. Colin and Alistair’s parents both don’t like talking about Luke having cancer.



5 Facts of Fiction – 2 Weeks with the Queen

Fact 1# The main characters of the story are Ted, Luke and Colin.

Fact 2# Colin throughout the book wants to find a cure to his brother Luke’s cancer.

Fact 3# He gets more detriment every time his plan of saving his brothers life.

Fact 4# Colin went happy at times, sad at times, determent at times and rebellious at times.

Fact 5# You feel for Colin and Ted because they both have someone that they love that is in danger having cancer about to die. When Colin gets to the best doctor his whole plan falls apart.

Reading Interveiw

Q. When you are reading and come to something you don’t know, what do you do? Do you do anything else?

A. I go back and reread the sentence or paragraph and I see if I can get a meaning or somtimes I look ahead to see if they give me a meaning. If it is a non fiction book I can just look at the glossary. If none of this works I just ask somone.

Q.Who is a good reader you know?

A. A friend named Amy.

Q.What makes them a good reader?

A. She reads all the time and if I want a recomendation I always go to her because she reads a variety of book and she knows what books I would enjoy because we are about the same age.

Q. Do you think they ever come to something they don’t know?

A. Well I accutuly do not know but she is a really good reader and she chooses books right for her. I am not sure because I dont ask her.

Q.If yes, when they do come to something they don’t know what do you think they do? If no, what do you think they would do?

A. I would expect her to stubble over some things because that is just what every one does.

Q.If you knew someone was having trouble reading how would you help that person?

A. I would ask them what they do not know and I would tell them that if that book is to hard maybe they could read an eaiser book.

Q.What would a/your teacher do to help that person?

A. Do the same thing just help them maybe go through or explain what they do not understand to them in an eaiser way.

Q.How did you learn to read?

A. Well first my parents would help me understand words and the basic infomation about how to read and then I would read to my dollys to practice reading out aloud and just how to read.

Q.What would you like to do better as a reader?

A. Do more reading out aloud and read more of a range of books.

Q.Do you think you are a good reader? Why?

A. Yeah I read alot. Mainly before bed and my parents say that I am a confident reader.