School Council Speech

This is a speech that I wrote that I had to present to the school council. If you would like you can listen to a voice recording of me reading out my speech!

Here is the speech: School Council Speech Term 3

School Council Speech

Hello, I am 1 of your school captains and on behalf of the S.R.C we are here to talk to you about how the S.R.C are going and what has been done and what we are planning to do.

As you may already know our clubs are on and we are coming up to our 6th week. Just a refresher the 1/2 and prep club is Movie Club, 3/4 Computer Animation Club and 5/6 Table Tennis Club. These 3 clubs have all been going great and we have had a great time running them. On the week after the clubs have finished we are planning to show all the movies kids made in Computer Animation Club and we may have a Table Tennis Finale at assembly. We have got suggestions from students and are taking them on board.

Another thing the S.R.C are doing are 2 fundraisers. One on the last day of term and one next term. The fundraiser this term will be a sport dress up day and the money we raise will go to Lauren who is a international acrobatic that would like to fly to Belgium and has kindly asked us to support her. She will be performing to us what she will be doing there with her partner Tori. Because the competition is next year she will come back to the school and tell everyone how she went. On the day when we do the sport dress up day we are thinking about having a parade and some activities and more which we will tell you as soon as we have organized it.

Thank you for listening and now we would just like you to fill out this survey for next terms fundraiser.