Graduation Reflection

As year 6’s primary school life comes to an end.  To remember it we all had a graduation. A graduation is a night were we have speech’s, videos and a good time to commemorate our time at MPPS. The night started of with a dinner for all the year 6’s and teachers. As we ate dinner there was a lot of talking and laughter and once we had all finished we walked down the hill to the school to start the formal part of the evening.

The SPC was filled with balloons and ribbons and all the graduates were dressed up in dresses and suits and glamorous shoes. As we walked in to the hall, everyone was clapping and cheering and the song ”Hall of Fame” was playing. The formal part of the evening started of with the princable’s address. After the year 6’s recived there graduation scroll. There was certificates for the specialists classes [Physical Education, Performing Arts, Art, Italian and Buddies]. Congratulations to anyone who got an award. There was a Valedictorian speech by Grace. C. A Valedictorian speech is a farewell speech that one persons writes and reads that sums up our time in Primary School saying what it meant to them and some funny as well as sad moments. There was an Excellence Award, an Academic Achievement Award and a DUX award. I got the DUX award! I was very proud of myself and I did not thnk at all that I would get it.

Some things that I did in the graduation was introduce items such as the graduation certificates, the Excellence Award, Acidemic Achivemnt Award and the DUX. I also  said some thank you’s at the start to people like Antony [SRC Coordinater], Matt[princable], Rebbecca[vice princable] and the year 6 teachers Jess, Liz and Lee. One of the last events was a surprise item.

After the graduation we got to open any scrolls we got or presents. All the graduates got a photo book that had all the pictures we took one day. There was tea and coffe and a massive chocolate cake that the School Captains got to cut. Every time someone recived an award a proffesional  photograher took there photo.

Graduation was a great night to dress up and bring your family members to remember Primary School.




Interesting Compound Words

Instead of spelling city this week we have to list as many interesting compound words. These are my ones:

another, today, cannot, become, honeydew, nearby, format, upgrade, standby, Sunday, eyelid, soybean, goodbye, crossbreed, cheesecake, sideburn, headache, southeast, northeast, northwest, southwest, elsewhere, because, became, himself, forget, upon, toothpaste, somehow, anyway, anywhere, softball, basketball, netball, blackmail, eardrum, upmarket, takeoff, teapot, shortbread, starfish.

This list could go on for a long time but if you would like to have a look at even more visit this website:

100WC Week 10#

I fell into the freezing cold lake. I could feel the water splash all over me and a shiver ran down my spine. It is a typical autumn day and I can see the orange and slightly green leaves all around me. My black boots were out of the water; still not wet and my jeans dripping with water. I slowly get out of the water dragging along things that have caught on me when I was in the water. When I jump on the front door step I hear my mum shouting at my younger brother. What a surprise.

Spelling City – Forensic Science Words – List A

This week my words were based around forensic science which is our intergraded topic this term. I am list A. Here are my words:

scalpel, criminal, stealth, justice, insects, autopsy, stain, evidence, viruses, gloves, camera, morgue, trace, sample, accident, clues.

Here are the sentences that go with it:

Make sure the criminal does not have the scalpel.

The criminal had committed 5 crimes in the last year.

He walked with great stealth.

”We want justice” yelled the protesters.

A spider is an insect.

It was a stormy day when they did the autopsy on the man.

The chocolate stain on his t-shirt would not come of.

The evidence was lying all around the crime scene.

Doctors help to fix viruses that go around.

When we went to the snow we needed gloves to keep our freezing hands warm.

At camp we took heaps of photos with the camera.

The book I am reading now contains a morgue in it.

He left a trace of mud around the house.

Just a sample of blood was all the forensic scientist needed.

”I did not mean to hurt him it was an accident” exclaimed the boy to the teacher.

In the game the boy got lots of clues from his sister.


My Traits Graph

The Task

Since we are doing forensic science this term we had to make a graph about some unique features we all have such as detached earlobes and can you roll your tongue. Firstly we had to collect the data to actually make the graph. As a class we got all the information and did a hard copy of the graph on a piece of paper. Then we made one on excel. This is the one I made:

Mean/Average: The average amount of people that said yes when answering the graph was 12.8 out of 24 which is almost exactly half which means the average amount of people said no is 11.4.

Median: The median of yes is 14 and median of no is 10.

Mode: The mode of yes is 7 and it appears 2 times and the mode of no is 17 and it appears 2 times.



GTAC Reflection

Gene Technology Access Centre

On the 27th and the 31st of November the 5/6’s went to GTAC [some went on one the day and the others went on the other day]. I went on the 31st of November 2013 and learnt so much about forensic science and science in general.

Some things we covered and did were use microscopes. Most of the stuff we did was based around looking at things in microscopes and we learnt how to use microscopes and features of it.

We had to solve a challenge using forensic science skills with microscopes. We looked at different objects like seeds and leaves. We used 2 different microscopes. One called the stereo microscopes and another one called a compound microscope. These are not the only microscopes these are just the ones we used. A stereo microscope can see up to 400 times magnifying. It goes from 4x, 100x, 400x. The other microscope can see up to 1000x. It can go from 10x, 100, 1000x. The lens itself in a stereo microscope is 4x and in a compound it is 10x. We looked at water samples trying to find paramecium, euglena and spirogyra. These are micro organisms. They are so small you can not see them only under a compound microscope.

3 facts I now know:

1. Here are the parts of a microscope. These are for a stereo microscope and a compound microscope. The eyepiece lens, objective lens, stage, focus knob, light source.

2. That a tiny seed is big, brown and a bit hairy under a microscope.

3. The name spirogyra is named that because under a microscope is a stripe line that when not under a microscope you can not see.

2 understandings I now have:

1. There are heaps of careers in science and forensic science that all sound interesting. They are all different and all have different jobs and you need different expertise to do them.

2. In science with the equipment you use you need to use you have to be carful with it because you can get fingerprints on them and spill stuff. This will effect the outcome of your experiment.

1 wondering I still have:

1. How many jobs are there that have to do with science?





Maths Mate Term 4 Sheet 3

Predict: I predict that this question will be a word problem because of all the words.

Read: A bookshop sold 200 books over the internet in its first year of business. Since then the sales have doubled every year. What was the bookshop’s profit in the sixth year given the yearly profit formula below.

Yearly profit=books sold x$2-$1000

Clarify: Nothing to clarify.

Strategies: Write an equation, Break the problem down.

What’s the BIG question? What is the bookshops yearly profit?

Working out: Firstly I did well if they sold 200 books and it was 6 years selling and there amount doubled each year they would get over 6 years:  6400. Then with the formula you would have to times it by 2 [$2] which would give you 12 800. Then take away 1000[$1000] which is 11 800.

Summary: My answer is $11 000 I found this problem challenging and I got confused a bit. The strategies I used helped me

Newspaper Report – Crime Scene

On the 17th of October at approximately 2:30pm 5/6B’s classroom, Room 19, was robbed [well messed up]. A tail  that previously was hanging on the projector bell that Lee’s daughter got him was ripped and fluff was coming out. On the floor there were scissors with purple ink on it, a wrapper from a ‘weight watcher’ biscuit, fluff from the tail. Another piece of evidence was  purple writing on the whiteboard that clearly said in capital letters ‘CAN YOU JUST GET ALL YOUR PAPERWORK IN ORDER ALLREADY! THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS TO PEOPLE WHO ARE DISORGANISED! [With a sad face at the bottom].  Also a footprint was on an envelope and on the back it said in blue writing ‘Jess’. The smell of the room was like a perfume. Around 5 minutes after the class walked in soft, slow a tiny bit old music came on.

Lee, the teacher of 5/6B, walked into the classroom at the end of lunch and the door was locked. This came as a surprise to Lee as he clearly stated to the class that he did not lock the door at the end of lunch. ”Why is the door locked? Does anyone know why the door is locked?”

As the class and Lee came into the classroom it was a big shock with all the evidence lying around. “I think that it was a teacher because of the handwriting and it was up quite high. Also the tail was up high unless the person climbed up on a chair to cut it,” Lee said the day after the crime was committed, ”The room smelt like a perfume.”

Police and Forensic Scientists think it could be a girl, tall with neat writing, likes soft, slow and old music, a shoe size around 7 or 8. Some  suspects they assume could have done it are Liz, Jess and the victim himself Lee. The incident has not been solved but investigators are still working on solving this awful crime.

Please note that the colours means this:

Action Verbs

Adverbial Phrases

Saying Verbs


International Day of the Girl

Today is International Girl Day Girl. Every year there is a theme and this years it is ‘education. International Girl Day is a day where we recognize girls rights. All around the world girls are working and not going to school. Some girls are even getting forced to be married!

They would like to help girls that don’t go to school go to school. If they don’t get to go to school they won’t be able to reach their full potential. Some families only have enough money to send 1 child to school and it is usually the boy.

In the world 31 million girls don’t get to go to school and 34 million don’t get to go to high school. In some countries 50% of girls don’t get to go to primary. That is half the girls in that country. 1 in 5 girls worldwide don’t get to go to high school.

14 million girls under the age of 18 are forced to get married. This prevents them from finishing school. In my opinion girls should be equal to boys and should have the same rights.


2D and 3D Shapes Reflection

2D and 3D Shapes

Properties and Connections

Last term we learnt all about 2D[2 Dimensional and 3D [3 Dimensional] shapes. 2D is width and height and 3D is width, height and depth. We focused on their properties and their connections.

3D and 2D shapes have connections such as 2D shapes make up 3D shapes. In class we did an activity where we had to make a 3D shape out of 2D shapes without a net to help us.  2D shapes make the faces of the 3D shape. For example say you were making a cube. You would need 6 squares as the faces.

As well as 2D faces 3D shapes are also made up of other things such as vertex’s[more than 1 vertex is called vertices]. A vertex is where 2 or more edges meet. An edge is where to faces meet. An edge connects them.

A 2D shape has faces and sides. The sides are like the border in a way. We also learnt about congruent shapes. Congruent means that they are the same shape and same side.

We also did some work on tessellation. Tessellation is where 2D shapes fit together to make a pattern. To tessellate shapes they have to fit together with no gaps. If they sort of fit but with gaps, then they are not a tessellation.