Cyber Safety Presentation Reflection

On the 30th of May all the 5/6s participated in a cyber safety presentation by Mira from ACMA. Here are some o the things she told us about:

Private accounts – Keep you accounts private if your on a social network site such as Instagram or Kik.Help a friend if they are getting bullied and if you get bullied yourself tell a adult you can trust. Do the same with a friend.Be carful of what images you put on the internet.People can activate you camera on your device.If you get bullied or there is somthing rude and you want to save it you can screen shot.Do not give away an of your personal details such as your first and last name, your address, your birthday and more.You can turn of you picture settings.Do not post a picture of someone if they do not want you to and do not do it if they dont know.If on You Tube you see somthing that is innapropriate you can flag it, block it, or report it.There are age limits on sites such as facbook and more and they have been put on for a reason so you should follow the age resticttion.Illegal downloading is illegal and if you do do it it can give you viras’.

Overall I think that everyone learnt somthing including me and I think that this genaration of children can stop cyberbulling.


My Cyber Safety Speech

Cyber safety presentation

[If you would like to hear me tell my speech click to the link above]

Over all of my years at Moonee Ponds I have seen big changes in technology.  From 3 computers in each classroom, 1 computer lab for everyone to share, then came 20 laptops for every class to share from Prep-8.  Now all the year 5/6’s have netbooks and all the other classrooms have laptops, as well as 20 ipads to share.


Changes have also happened at home.  Some families used to have just 1 desktop computer and now families have ipads, smart phones, laptops and desktop computers. When I asked everyone in my class how much technology they have some of them have everything.


Although more technology is good, it also can cause more problems.  Kids….no actually everybody, should be well prepared and know the problems of cyberbullying, what to do and who to talk to.


Parents, teachers and people like Mira, who will be talking to you tonight, can tell kids about cyber safety but kids need to understand the harm and have more of a say in how to stop it.  Kids use technology, as well as adults, and we need to be able to say what we think about cyberbullying.


Recently myself and 5 other Moonee Ponds students joined other primary school and high school students from around Australia to take part in the Federal Government’s Youth Advisory Group.  This was an online forum where student joined in on conversations and discussion boards about cybersafety.  Students had to comment on topics, express their opinions and take part in surveys that were moderated by an expert.  Several of our students started their own conversation threads, one of them was Angus who posted his own question – “why do people go on social network sites when they know there is a risk?” I thought this was a great question to ask.  Through this YAG the government is able to know what kids think about cyberbullying and understand how we think we can stop it.  I think it was a great learning experience and it was interesting to see what other kids thought on the subject.  Thank you!




Youth Advisory Group [YAG] has got kids from diffrents schools and differnet ages to join in and give the goverment ideas about how we can stop Cyber Bullying. What we have to do is go to the site log in and there will be questions,surveys and more things that we have to do. The goverment wants ideas of how to stop Cyber Bullying. As students we have to join in with disscustions and share all our ideas. One of the disscustions I joined in with was ” Should there be age limits on programs such as Kik, Instagram, Email, Twitter, Facebook and more.” This was my response.

I think that age limit really does matter but unfortunately heaps of people have things like Kik and Instagram and they are all too young and they all still have it. Some people have facebook and twitter and they are not meant to because they are under the age limit. It should still be applied but people will still fake their age.  One of the problems are young kids might have somthing like facebook and if they get bullied the kid might not know how to deal with it.