Hi my name is Amelia. I am 11 years old.

On my blog you can find heaps and heaps of work we do in class and as homework. Some things you might find as well as much more is BTN posts, Maths Mate problem solving, projects and more.

Some things I like to do is read, hang out with my friends, swim, run, play netball, go on my iPad and play with my dog Scooby.

In my family I have 1 sister, a mum, a dad and a dog Scooby.

I hope you really enjoy my blog!

One thought on “Me!

  1. Hi Amelia this is Conor. I love your blog and agree that you are not annoying.You’re ace. Next time you come over for tea maybe we will have chocolate brownies and ice cream. Look out! BEHIND YOU A RED BACK SPIDER!!! Hi Amelia guess who i am i am awesome i have brown hair yes you got it right i am EVE EVE YES EVE i just wanted to say i looooooooooooooooooooooove your blog that dog is soooooo funny ha ha ha ha ha ha look at my blog prety please BECAUSE i looked at yours and so did my dad so look at mine please. Love me EVE

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